Monday, August 24, 2020


Thank you to our guests for this episode on Mindfulness!

Deborah, Dana, and Fernando
From left to right: Deborah Roseke,
Dana Jiang, Fernando Romero

Deborah: Deborah Roseke currently serves as the Administrative Specialist Senior in the Chemistry & Physical Science Departments at GCC and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Arts Management from Northern Arizona University. Participating in the meditation space and as a GCC Foster Champion on campus serves a lifelong passion of contributing meaningful engagement that results in improving lives in the local community.  In her free time, Deborah enjoys meditation, hiking, reading, and crochet. Contact Deborah via GCCAZ's Chemistry Department.

Dana: Born in China’s rural Heilongjiang province, Jin-Hua Dana Jiang immigrated to the U.S. when she was about eleven years old. For a decade, Jiang lived in various Buddhist temples in the U.S.—all founded by her great-granduncle Master Hsuan Hua—and lived as a nun from 12 to 17. In 2006, Jiang graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a BA in Chinese Studies, and she also completed 9 credits in Master in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University in Boston. Currently, she works for Glendale Community College in Arizona and, in accordance with her interests, has run an on-campus group meditation space for the past five years. In her free time, Jiang enjoys meditation, hiking, swimming, and attending spiritual retreats. Reach Dana through GCCAZ's Center for Learning.

Fernando: Fernando's doctorate degree was awarded by the Learning Program in the Division of Psychology in Education at Arizona State University. His 20 years of teaching experience includes teaching in K-12 environments as well as in higher education institutions. He has been faculty at GCC since 2005 where he teaches positive psychology, human development, cultural psychology, and introduction to psychology. He occasionally consults and provides training for organizations that are interested in integrating mindfulness, meditation, and positive psychology principles for personal and professional development. See Fernando's GCCAZ faculty profile.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Top 10 Things We Love About Teaching

Show Notes

Beth and Tenisha talk about the top 10 things they love about teaching with input from Twitter folks and Beth's brother – one of our top fans. Have a listen if you want some time to reflect on the joys of teaching.